NYC Food Delivery Assistance

The City of New York is providing assistance to New Yorkers during the COVID-19 crisis by delivering meals to those who cannot access food themselves.

Who is this for?

This website is intended for individuals and families who meet all of the following criteria as a result of the COVID-19 emergency:

  • No members of the household can go out and get food because they are at increased medical risk or homebound
  • No neighbors or family members can go out and get food for you
  • Do not receive meal assistance from other providers (incl. Meals on Wheels or God's Love We Deliver); and
  • You are unable to afford meal delivery or grocery delivery

Households that qualify may order three days of food at a time for up to a month.

All orders will be delivered within three days of the order date.

Each delivery will contain three days of food (9 meals per person, but no household will receive more than 18 meals per delivery).

Visit to find the nearest food pantry, soup kitchen, or DOE Grab'n'Go site located in your neighborhood.

If you need assistance while filling out this website, please call 3-1-1


Information that you submit to the NYC Food Delivery Assistance Portal will only be used in furtherance of (or for the purpose of) providing information and necessary City services to City residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to help connect you or members of your household with other available City resources. Your information, including any personal information you provide on this site, will be used to create an account for you to help the City manage your ongoing food delivery requests.* Your information will be stored securely and shared only with those City employees and officials and their agents who have a need to access your information for these City purposes and technical operation of the NYC Food Delivery Assistance Portal. The confidentiality of your personal information will be protected to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please refer to the Privacy Policy, available at, for additional information about the City’s privacy policy relating to

*NOTE: If you do not want the City to create an account for you, you may request food by calling 311.
IMPORTANT: If you have a medical emergency, call 911 immediately.

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